04 April 2009

Man Camp

The boys left yesterday for an overnight "Man's Camp-out" with the church fellows. There was lots of grunting, guffawing, and big-talking as the vehicle was loaded up.

I had asked Pops what he'd like me to prepare for the trip, but no answer was ever really given. I began to realize that extreme non-preparation was part of the adventure element of this excursion. As they were about to take off, we did have this brief conversation:

Do you guys have sleeping bags?
Do you have pillows?
Don't you want pillows?
Men don't need pillows.
They don't?
No. They just roll up their sweatshirt.

So ... the girls and I sent them off with a pan of sweet rolls and a set of smiles. They promised to have fun while spending lots of time doing dangerous things and having toot-offs. I'm sure it will be a grand time indeed.

1 comment:

  1. That's great!! I love that men don't need pillows, by husband agrees! HA! I love my pillow, can't sleep without it, another distinct difference between men and women!