17 April 2009

Miss Ruby & Priscilla

Recently, the girls have taken to playing school. Lucette and Jane take on respective teacher/student roles as well as the monikers, "Miss Ruby" and "Priscilla."

Miss Ruby typically begins school at the refrigerator with her pupils and a semi-circle of dining chairs before her. An alert Priscilla and a collection of dolls and stuffed critters sit willingly. Everyone is expected to participate and there is strong caution about misbehaving. Disciplinary action is always such a drag.

After magnet letters have been fully utilized, the individualized instruction commences. Miss Ruby will pull Priscilla over to a sunny spot and they will work on penmanship and engage in occasional discussions of favorite snacks.

After all, a good teacher must find ways to identify with her students.

**Note: Priscilla's dress was made by Great-Mother, passed down from the growing Miss Ruby.


  1. oh, how sweet! I love their names. And the lighting in that picture, beautiful-

  2. A precious picture. I love their hands.

  3. And, that is the sweetest interlude that I have had all day.

    Love your orchid in bloom. I love orchids as much as I love little girls who pretend.

  4. Such a sweet moment for sisters.