14 April 2009

Aunt Pauline's Pecan Pie

 Aunt Pauline is good at many things. Hostessing, gardening, laughing at my lame jokes... But while possessing myriad skills, I must say she really does excel in the kitchen.

She made pecan pie. It was really good. I had two pieces. I had to force myself to avoid complete gluttony and walk away from the third that was taunting me.

I think Easter should always include pie. In fact, I think pie is the perfect celebratory crescendo to any holiday. Hmmm. Which one is next? Earth Day? Flag Day? I wonder if Aunt Pauline already has plans...


  1. Great pies AND she laughs at your jokes? Almost too good to be true!

    kidding! Love you, A!

  2. That pie looks so good. I made a lemon mergaigne (sp?)pie from scratch, it was good but lacked the beauty from a bakery. LOL I will try again. :)

  3. Mmm, favorite!
    I asked my guy what his favorite kind of pie was and he responded with, "Well, if I had to choose; apple. But I don't really like pies." Say what??? Pies are divine!

  4. Ooh, I love your blog, Anna! Feels like home...

  5. I think pecan pie is one of my favorites. It is so easy to make that along puts it at the top of my list!