04 April 2009

Good Read

If I actually kept a list of favorite books, I think this recent read would have to go on it.

The story is wonderfully written in journal format by an intelligent, transparent, and witty seventeen year-old character. Cassandra writes from a once abandoned and crumbling English castle, which is now home to her impoverished and highly quirky family.

I was particularly entertained by the melodramatic and humorous musings peppered throughout the book.

Another great luxury is letting myself cry -- I always feel marvelously peaceful after that. But it is difficult to arrange times for it, as my face takes so long to recover ...

While written sixty years ago and set in the 30's, this composition reads remarkably modern. It is fantastically peculiar and yet causes surprising introspection. The author seems to write from a secular perspective and then dances with some rather touching thoughts on God and the establishment of church. I like authors who can whip up a dish that merge flavors of sweet, cynical, honest, and funny ingredients.

Since I had such fun with this library find, I thought I'd patron ebay and purchase an old copy. (Old books are indeed so much more fun than new!) Well mercy me, the old copies were selling for 100-450 dollars! Perhaps I will simply content myself with an eight dollar reprint after all...


  1. well, you do have good taste...

  2. {Sigh}, I LOVED this book when I read it a few years ago... I was really, truly sad to reach its end because it is really and truly delightful and unique.

  3. I have this book...I just checked...mine is the original printing! Yikes! oh my... I bought it because Dodie Smith also wrote "The 101 Dalmations"... one of the sweetest books I have ever read. wow... It moves off the shelf onto the bedside table. Move over Sudoku. (I'm signing because I don't have a blog) gini

  4. Gini-

    Yes, I hadn't know she was the 101 Dalmations author until recently!

    Move over Sudoku, is right! Original printing step on up. Very exciting!

  5. I reserved this at the library today. Can't wait to read it. Thanks for the review.

  6. oh I love this book! Dodie Smith wrote some other fun novels too - can't recall their titles. I think it's time to re-read. . .