09 April 2009

Lenten Apologies

Jane received a palm frond from her children's bible study class. While she delighted in waving it vigorously and declaring "Hosanna, Hosanna!" all about the house, it became a dodging effort for those of us around her. Turns out, it really smarts when a palm frond darts into an eye.

When Pops came home Jane was proud to show it off. This brief conversation ensued:

Nice palm frond, Jane!
It's for Jesus. For Easter.
Yes, I like it.
It's poky.
I see. What do you do with it -- do you wave it around?
What do you say when you wave it around? (
Thinking she'll reply with a "Hosanna")
Sorry. It's poky. You just have to say sorry.

She was so earnest. It was so hard not to laugh ... too much. Now I can't stop picturing Jesus riding in on the donkey with frond-bearing people proclaiming "Hosanna" ... and then a profusion of apologies over wounded eyes.

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  1. I love reading funny kid stories! :) Thanks for sharing and...praise Him!