11 April 2009

Vibrant Eggs

The children always love coloring eggs for Easter. I confess, the cups of dye to be spilled (just green this year), eggs to be cracked (3), and the over-excited emotions of the experience can leave me a little anxious. We do use raw eggs, which I realize adds to the peril, but it seems our family can only eat so many hard-boiled!

One of our favorite tricks is to wrap the eggs in rubber-bands. It creates quite the pleasing effect with very little fuss. And since completion, Jane is having trouble holding herself back. When she peeks into the fridge, they beckon her like jeweled candies. I don't think I've quite convinced her that they are still just regular 'ol eggs.

Now I must dash off to finish the laundry, do some vacuuming, get dinner going, and see what can be done about the whole can of aerosol sunscreen Jane secretly sprayed on the carpet and bedding in her room. Comparatively, maybe coloring eggs isn't such an ordeal after all!


  1. oh, that sneaky thing! aerosol!!!

    great egg pics, and you are SO brave to use raw ones!

  2. Your eggs are beautiful and I love what the rubber bands did! That is so clever.

  3. Gorgeous photo! Think how fun baking and breakfast baking will be in the coming days.

  4. those are so pretty! I'm hoping to dye eggs tomorrow.