03 April 2009

Pretty in Pink

We attended Lucette's spring concert tonight. She had batted eyelashes and sweetly suggested that the dress I was making her for Easter would also be lovely for her choral event.

So, last night I finished off the bodice and this afternoon I was hemming the skirt when I should have been making dinner. (Sorry about the leftovers, family. Fashion trumps nourishment, tonight.)

The dress did turn out awfully sweet. When I found a whole bolt of this fabric at the thrift store (for $2.99!) the girls pranced about the house wishing they could be adorned in it. The material was quite thin, so I lined the bodice with white muslin (hello, never-been-used white bed sheet!) and made the skirt two layers. The pattern had an option for a coordinating pinafore, so I just used the pattern for the skirt portion and basted that piece right onto the existing skirt. The result was an adorable double layered skirt that I liked even more that the original design.

I also tried to get clever with the bodice attachment when I attempted to streamline the process and avoid putting a "lap" in the skirt. Hmmm. I made it work, but I see now there was a purpose to the extra step. That's what I get for being sassy with those instructions.

The concert was very cute and Lucette performed in a most dignified, "I'm-almost-six" sort of way. The dress is going back into the closet until Easter and I'm back to the machine for dress number two. Jane has presented her demands.

I'm happy to oblige.


  1. Nice find! I like your blog and will be bookmarking it!

  2. It's perfect! I love, love, love the fabric {don't you love thrift store fabric and bed sheets?!}, and the little detail on the sleeves. Nice work.

  3. That is so pretty! Since I only have boys, I don't get to see much pink around my house!

  4. oh i love it and so fun that you managed to thrift the fabric! your girls will love someday that you made these things for them...... heck, i suppose they love it now! :-)

  5. I love the fabric and admire your sewing skills. I am just getting started at sewing.

  6. Totally impressive! I would love to learn how to sew "real" clothes!

  7. oh, I loved that post! and the dress looked completely sweet on stage.