13 April 2009

Loving a Little Chick

Aunt Dawn brought baby chicks.
Lucette declared this to be the best Easter ever.


  1. oh, oh, sooo cute! I love that picture, I bet the kids were so excited. How fun!

  2. Friend of ours brought week old goslings to church yesterday... my boys were over the moon with delight!

    What a special treat! Now, I wonder, are the chicks to keep?!

  3. No, no...just to love for an afternoon!

    Although, it does sound fanciful to have chickens. I imagine it's is much more work than I'm ready for, though!

  4. So sweet, we had 2 chicks for a homeschool project a few years ago. They lived in a rubbermade box-in the laundry room- at night. During the day they had a lovely chicken tractor in the back yard. Hubby said... I think ya got a rooster, and we did. LOL they now have a nice farm to live on,we had to move.

  5. That's super special. How memorable!

  6. I should have started my kids on chickens when they were younger. Now when I even suggest chickens in the backyard, they threaten to move out or at the least never offer to clean out a coop. But I still may sneak a chick or two home someday!