05 May 2009

Better Than Television

Our children think the primary purpose of the television is to play documentaries and movies from the library. This is not due to some act of martyrdom on our part, we really are that geeky. When they watched the Super Bowl this year it was an experience akin to seeing an astronaut for the first time: "What are these men we are watching?" "In what capacity do they function?"

All that to say, the tots anticipated great entertainment upon learning our defunct 15 year-old washer and dryer were being pitched to the curb and a swanky new set ushered in.

The installation process was magnificent. Not only was there removal and installation of appliances, but there was: A door removed from hinges, discovery of dangerous plastic venting that required replacement with a rather galactically silvered version, and all manner of tubing and paperwork with the word "DANGER" emblazoned boldly.

With the machine humming, the children sat and contentedly "watched" washing for almost a half an hour. "Look! There's Jane's sock!" "Hey! I see my underpants!"

It was a good show.


  1. That's very sweet.

    My youngest, who is now 30, use to watch his favorite 'blankie' through the entire wash cycle and would sometimes fall alseep waiting.

  2. nooooo way!!!!

    That is SO funny!!! Look at them! I am cracking up!

  3. THAT is too awesome. i imagine mine would have somewhat of a similar fascination, were our appliances not currently in the scuzzy basement. still, very funny.

  4. I think I would be just as fascinated, I would add something red to whites, just to see the dye process or watch for the sock thief that sneaks in and snatches socks without a thought!

  5. Lissa, next time you come to my house I will supervise you closely.

    You are not to be trusted.

  6. I'll stay with your kids for an evening while you and Ryan go out to dinner... you deserve some time away together!! Anna, I promise we won't have our own science experiment with your new washer! It's all in the name of science though, you want your kids well rounded and educated, correct?

  7. I love this! Love it love it love it!!