17 May 2009

Workin' Weekend

Church folk know how to work. It was a big weekend, as we all pitched in to raise funds for the Honduras trip. In addition to the money each individual must supply for travel and expenses, we must also bring a large, collective sum for the village and for construction materials. This is no small feat for our tiny community church.

But this is what we love about our church. The people. Although only 16 of us are actually hopping aboard the plane, we're all really going. Through prayer, encouragement, labor, and finances, our whole church body is invested. This is wonderful.

So, yesterday and today we teamed up and held a blowout fund-raising extravaganza. Car Wash, Rummage Sale, Raffle, Bake Sale. The church was a hub of activity as the community stopped in to check out our junk and toss a little cash in the till. There were sweaty sunscreened kids dashing everywhere (the weather was unseasonably amazing!) and the rocket launcher even made an appearance. And we all marveled at 80 year-old Bill (who is going on the trip!). He was a veritable car washing machine! I had to bribe him with cookies to take a break from the water fights and sit with me. The whole day was impressive.

What was also impressive? The giving. We raised 40% of our total supply sum. Praise God!


  1. so glad we could come and take part. Everyone was participating with such friendly attitudes, it was so fun to see. And YAY for the 40%!

  2. that is WONDERFUL. it is so good to be a part of a church community for so many reasons :-)

    and anna, you make cleaning supplies look appealing in a photo. and that is saying SOMETHING for me, because i am currently avoiding all the cleaning i need to do in this house in ONE day for tate's end of year preschool program tomorrow. better go.....

  3. Wonderful! What a thrill to pull together and help make something happen. I think it gives neat memories and helps build wonderful friendships as well.