24 May 2009

Saturday Windows

Before I begin, let me state that I have very low standards for clean windows. If they are basically free from full-window smudges and bits from dinner, I am impressed with myself. So with that said, I cleaned the back windows today, inside and out. This is quite an accomplishment for me. I'm also quite proud that I devised a 'cheater' version of cleaning the outsides, 'cause I'm all about cheater versions. 
Here's how it went:

• Hose down window. 
• Spray on copious amounts of window cleaner. (I use vinegar water normally, but I broke out the chemicals, this time.)
• Grab car washing brush that's attached to a telescoping pole and scrub away.
• Hose down window.
• Squeege window and wipe down edges with rag.

Done! Not professional quality, I'm sure (and drat, I still need to get out a flat-blade razor to scrape off the paint flecks from a previous project), but the windows look a whole lot better than before! Definitely good enough for this Mama.


  1. And isn't it a good feeling?! I like your "cheater" process, sounds pretty thorough to me. You back patio and yard are quite inviting, I may just "sit a spell."

  2. funny that you posted this- Jason cleaned ALL of our windows today- even the high ones. Scary...but they look awesome! Nothing like a clean window, is there?

  3. Way to go! I love the peaceful glimpse into your back yard...