29 May 2009

Update from Ambrocio

Amazing how effective communication can be with the internet. I just received a response from a morning email I sent to Ambrocio regarding the earthquake. Here is his translated response:

Thank God we are just a little frightened by the movement of land and houses. I hit the wall with my wife because it seemed we were in the water, not used to these things, but it's good to be prepared especially with Christ.

I like the idea of visiting the ruins is a good place.

Thanks for everything. We are praying for you and the group.

I love his words. Yes! It is good to be prepared ... especially with Christ!


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  2. Great to hear they are ok. Thanks for thinking to e-mail them today. Amazing they responded so quickly. He didn't mention any damage in the area, so maybe there isn't any there.

  3. I just read the article in the Oregonian- glad for your update/post. How scary it must have been. So glad they are ok and love his quote.