31 May 2009

Stairway to Remodeling Heaven

We love our house. And while built in the late 1980's, we've only been here about 3.5 years. "It's got good bones!" we first declared. This is certainly true, but what you can read behind that comment is: "It's really outdated, but still in good shape!"

So, we've phased out the country geese with the blue neck-ribbons, replaced powder pink counter tops, and said "no" to the teal and mauve vinyl flooring. And we've painted. Ridiculous amounts of painting. I'm talking first-name basis and "I'll bring you those oatmeal-raisin cookies tomorrow," kind of relationship with the Sherwin-Williams guys. We've painted about 80% of the house so far and I'm almost done sanding, priming, and double-coating all the downstairs trim and moulding. Phew.

We're down to mostly simple tasks like the painting, with the exception of two things: Carpet (and that's gonna' wait awhile) and the rockin' 80's stair-railing. A few weeks ago we dismantled the stair-rail and set in for another do-it-yourself project. Um, yeah. We tried ... and then began convincing ourselves that the orange construction netting (that kept us all from pitching off to our doom) was just fine. In fact, it was very urban chic.

That is until, Mr. Young. I highly recommend making friends with talented and generous contractors from church. He's been here all day and I think we may just have to pen a hymn or some sort of praise music in his honor. Indeed, we have been rescued from remodeling purgatory.


  1. yay mr. young! can't WAIT to see the finished result!

  2. Oh, our story is similar... nearly 4 years in a mid-1970's home that was last decorated in 1982. Pink and powder blue paisley wall paper, ceiling borders, floral wallpaper, shiny brass, iridescent wallpaper, orange countertops... the list goes on, and did I mention wall paper?!

    We've scraped and painted, torn out paneling, built walls, removed SIX ceiling fans and we're not yet finished! But, the house has "good bones" and is worth the effort and money, I just wish WE had a Mr. Young!