13 May 2009

It's Grow Time

I simply adore this garden box Pops built for me last summer. The location used to house an old power-guzzling hot tub that had to be ousted. What was left was a perfect spot for a garden, right at the corner of the patio! I think this is the only area of the yard that actually gets some direct sun. Quite fortuitous. It's also a lovely hub of activity. Playhouse off to the right, bird hotel and swing-set at the rear, hot-pink hula hoop bush to the left.

The young man of the house has a hefty supply of string and twine. He made a selection and secured our bamboo teepee's today. We have some pole bean seedlings that will love vining right up them.

With all that has transpired these past weeks, our seedlings were rather neglected. The hardy fellas survived (just look at this little sweet pea!), but the tomatoes and peppers were not so forgiving. Our feelings weren't hurt and just snatched a few at the nursery.

Now. Time to dream of an automatic drip-system ...


  1. I have an automatic drip system, a.k.a. Madison.

    You might consider a similar one yourself. They're slightly unpredictable, though...

    :) Cute post!

  2. I think Peter would be happy to rig a sprinkling system for you, he's a smart boy... I'll teach him how to wind hoses around after punching holes in it, of course, after we try our science experiment with your washer!! Thanks for the update of your garden!! I am looking forward to watching it grow!

  3. Won't it be fun watching everything grow!