27 May 2009

Almost Done

Just a couple more weeks to go, then we've done it. School is almost completed. This year has been an odd, but good, hodge-podge of homeschooling, co-op-ing, and charter schooling. At times I wondered what on earth we were doing, but God has been faithful and provided confirmation many times.

We are, however, looking forward to the break found in summer. Especially since next year is still a bit of an unknown. Lots of continued praying and waiting. Patience is a virtue I'm acquiring very slowly, but I am learning to rest in the stillness rather than question it. Most of the time.

Regardless of particulars, my days are filled with my children and this is my delight. What a joy to be a participant in their young lives.


  1. We've recently walked the path of schooling decisions... it's not an easy one. But, this I know, if you ask for a heart to hear the guidance of His spirit He will give it to you. He is our Shepherd and has promised to lead us, which includes schooling choices for His little ones!

    So glad the respite of summer is within sight for you!

  2. neat post.
    I see she's got the special grip going, too. :)

  3. wow, another homeschooler! i so commend you. i could never, ever, ever in a million years teach my own children... and i went to school for education. calvin wouldn't listen to a darn word i said. but, i too look forward to summer. but there is a bummer about public school around here, we still have 4 weeks left!

    i am impressed, too, with even your ability to attempt patience (not one of my natural tendencies) and can only say that God is faithful.

  4. My prayers are with you Anna, I pray for peace. The Lord is gracious, and loving. This was my sons 1st year in public school (10th grade). I still miss him, but am so proud of him. My youngest will be in high school and has no desire to attend p.s. She will remain with me the whole way, a blessing I charish so deeply. Enjoy your summer.