12 May 2009

Afternoon Trip to the Nursery

The nursery was full of growing babies today. The children and I strolled about, cooing over our favorites ... only occasionally distracted by fountains and very breakable garden art. It's never good to play favorites, but we did find some particularly charming geraniums that we decided to adopt. Once they've transitioned to their new home, we'll hold a portrait session. We think they'll fit right in.


  1. Oh, I love the nursery! I think I'd move into mine if I could. haha!

  2. Oh gerbera daisies - I spy them and I love them!
    And...are those filbert shells?
    xoxo Caroline

  3. Why, yes! Here in the NW we use them for ground cover and insulators.

    And I'm impressed you knew them as filberts. They seem to be known in other regions as hazelnuts.

  4. I thought the squirrels had been in the filberts. We have several filbert trees in our yard and the squirrels always get to them before we do. I finally decided I was growing the trees just for them - then we find little piles of shells everywhere.

  5. pretty pics- my favorite is the daisies!

  6. That last photo took my breath away.