08 October 2010

A Favorite Flower

Often thought of a prolific weed, I've always found fond affection for Queen Anne's Lace. I adore the clusters of lacy blooms paired with the ivory and brilliant green stems. The sweet flower has both straight-laced symmetry and a bohemian flounce that I've always been drawn to.

And while I haven't seen them in a while, when I was a child we would always look for the dainty faces that had a single deep burgundy bloom right in the center. Have you seen them too? Such a thrill!


  1. I so enjoy your blog- often reading, but I'm unsure as to whether I've commented before.

    I wondered if you knew that Queen Anne's Lace looks very much the same as Poison Hemlock. I mention this because your flower doesn't look (exactly) like what I'm used to for Queen Anne's Lace. Having young children around, I thought you might be interested just in case.

    It's my understanding, though I could be wrong, that Queen Anne's Lace ALWAYS has a purple center, while the poisonous impostors do not.

  2. Tracy-

    How interesting! Actually, I received this "Queen Anne's Lace" in a bouquet of flowers and didn't pick it myself, so that is entirely possible. Now that you mention it, I thought the stems looked different than the variety I'm used to seeing.

    The leaves on the flowers shown on the links you listed are different than what I have, but it could still be a hemlock variety. And apparently, QALace is toxic (according to that site), as well. Good to know.

    Thanks for your tips and your comments, Tracy!

  3. Queen Anne's Lace always makes me think of dear Lucy Maud and her endearing heroine, the Annest of Annes, with an "e"!

  4. I like those, too. I totally know what you mean about that itty bitty flower- I loved finding those when I was small!

  5. I've always liked Queen Anne's Lace. It's so lovely on its own and as a "filler." (Do you remember when baby's breath was ubiquitous--prom corsage, every bouquet...? No, thank you.)