20 October 2010

A Last-Minute Baking Miracle

I had an "Eeeks" moment this morning when I realized that I had completely forgotten to prepare the scones I'd volunteered to bring to morning bible study. I hate it when I do that.

I'd already spent my dawning hours racing around with a wet shower-head, making breakfasts, making lunches, checking homework, and frenetically telling kids to "Hurry, hurry ... Eat! Brush! Shoes! Get in the van!!" Not to mention snapping at my poor husband when he offered to make me coffee. Because really, I can't be expected to know whether or not I want coffee! Sheesh. Not one of my shining moments.

Fast forward through a carpool drop-off at school and spastic blow-dry session to fix my aforementioned shower-head ... I remembered. Scones. Bible study. Less than an hour.

After a quick mental inventory of what I had in the fridge/cupboards and a peek in my trusty cast iron cookbook, I managed to toss together a version of buttermilk scones. And when I say toss, I mean almost literally tossed together. It was slapdash blur of combining, mixing, and substitutions.

Had some chopped dates but not the currents. Had a lemon but not an orange. No time for rolling out and cutting, so just pat it into the pan. From first toss to pulling out of the oven? 30 minutes. Wowzers, I love this recipe! And I love my cast iron pan.

I yanked the crazy hot pan out of the oven and set it on the floor of my mom-mobile to cool as we sped off for bible study. Once we arrived it had cooled just enough to be cut into wedges right in the pan. Yippee!

Okay. I'm better now.

• Slapdash Buttermilk Scones •

Mix together:
3 c. flour
1/3 c. sugar
2.5 t. baking powder
.5 t. baking soda
.75 t. salt

Mix/cut in 'til well blended:
.75 c. butter

citrus zest
.5 c. dates (or cranberries, raisins, currents, etc.)

Pour in and mix 'til just blended:
1 c. buttermilk (I'm sure milk would work fine, too)

Butter up your cast iron skillet and press batter into pan. If you've got it, sprinkle on some turbinado sugar for sparkle and crunch. Toss into 400 degree oven and bake for 20 minutes or 'til golden. Grab some pot holders, snatch out of oven, and drive off to your next event! Hurrah for baking miracles!


  1. Anna, only you could pull this off! Your morning sounds a lot like mine. Do you ever miss homeschooling??? I love those relaxing mornings. Sigh... I must look into the cast iron skillet cook book. I just got a skillet and I am SO loving it!

  2. Scones are one of those things that seem to require magic, but really, I think the less you fuss with them, the flakier and butterier they turn out.

  3. I love my cast iron, too. What size skillet did you use? The coffee cake/scone looks delicious!

  4. Tracy,

    I have a 12" skillet, but I'm sure you could use any size, just adjust the baking time!

  5. Ahhh...absolutely LOVE this post! And can totally identify with being unable to know whether or not I want coffee...or butter on my toast...or whatever it is the sweet husband is offering! You gave me a peek of what your morning really looked like - and encouraged me! Thanks!

  6. Love your candid sharing! My husband and I just roared when I read it aloud to him. Why? We understand to a tee. Typical momma trying to get out the door and ALWAYS happens on the way to Bible study!! :^)

  7. love the wet hair!!!! Laughing!

  8. What is it about us that makes us wait until the morning rush to check homework?! I do that too.

    I always love it when someone brings warm scones to Bible study!