02 October 2010

The Lady in the Black Fedora

"Who is this mystery woman," you ask? She lives a covert life at dusk, sleuthing her way around the city. And on one fateful day, not so very long ago ...

she struck thrift-store gold. After dropping a friend off at the metro train station, she slyly headed over to a honey of a shop. Only clothing items and mostly vintage. As we all know, thrift-stores in the city mock those in the 'burbs. Their elitist attitude is well earned.

It had been heavily raining and she was without a hood. Locals rarely use umbrellas in her part of the world ... they just aren't afraid of getting wet. However, looking like a doused feline is never a good look. With this realization at the forefront of her expeditionary musings, she headed over to the haberdashery section of the establishment. She was dubious. Her expectations were low, as outfitting her gi-normous noggin is always a challenge.

But then. She found it. A men's black vintage felt fedora with a grosgrain bow to the side.

She furtively glanced about to see if she would need to wield expert physical maneuvering against others honing in on the same glorious item. As luck would have it, she was unopposed. She placed the lovely artifact upon her head and it slid into place like it had been created for this very moment.

"Who is she," you continue to beg?

It was heard that her eldest daughter referred to her as an "odd detective" and chastened her to "hunch her shoulders" with increased effort.

But alas, we know not more. Her full identity remains an elusive detail, but she is said to have been sighted at a thrift-shop near you. Be on your guard ... she's ruthless.


  1. You are so darn cute!!! I love the hat and those pics are great.

  2. You. Are. ADORABLE!!! LOVE the fedora!!!

    Did I mention how cute you are?

  3. funny!!! And gosh, those are cute pics!

  4. Hi Anna,

    I was with Dawnelle this morning and we were talking about a project I am working on and it made me think of you. I know you do "crafty things" and I was wondering if you would be interested in this... I will copy and paste the message that went out to Etsy people. Let me know if this is something you would want to donate an item to. :)

    Hello fellow “Etsyer”,

    We are asking for your help! This Christmas, Perpetual Change ( is going to be opening an Etsy store from November 15-December 15 to raise money for a country near and dear to our hearts, Ethiopia. Please go to the website and check out the amazing things that are being done to help the children of Ethiopia.

    Here is where you come in… For the month of October we will be collecting donated items to be sold on our Etsy site. Your donated item would go on our Etsy site for the price that you sell it for on your site and in the description your Etsy site would be listed, which will be great advertisement for you. The money we make from the sale of your item will go directly into helping Perpetual Change make a difference.

    We would love to have you consider participating in this beautiful opportunity to tangibly help children in need. Please contact me at if you have any questions.

    You can mail your items to:
    Perpetual Change
    c/o Christy Gladheim
    22297 SW Fisk Terrace
    Sherwood, OR 97104

    Please include in your package, or in an email, the price you would like your donated item to sell for and the description you would like listed on our Etsy site.

    Thank you for your support,
    Christy Gladheim for Perpetual Change

  5. Oh, and won't it make a GREAT photo prop to have on hand to use in your new venture?!

  6. Ha, ha - I love this post! Anna, you are too cool for school my friend!