05 October 2010

Surprise Bunnies and Probable Unions

Oh. My. Goodness! We have bunnies! Darling, fluffy, furry bunnies!

We knew they had dug a burrow, but had no idea that it was as deep as it is and that they already had produced ... a family of new baby bunnies! I figured we'd get some sort of clue before they appeared, but out one pops nearly as big as Nibbles and Harvey were when we first got them just last May!

I was heading up the stairs this morning, casually looked out the window ... and there was a fuzzy little bun hopping about the rabbit coup! I started hollering and exclaiming about a bunny, to which Jane responded, "Mom. I know. We've had bunnies out there for a long time." When I explained about a baby bunny, she flat out called me a liar.

So out we ran in our jammies. To our delight the darling baby hopped out for a quick hello, before popping back into the burrow.
I've now discovered, it's quite hard to take a picture of an underground burrow. Mama and Papa bunny weren't too sure what they thought of me rootin' around down there, either. But from what I can tell they may have two tunnels underground.

 So. Darn. Exciting!

I happened to be working at school today and was able to whisper the news to Peter and Lucette. Oh how big their eyes got with wonder! Such fun they'll have thinking happy bunny thoughts all day long at school. I bet they can't wait to get home. I don't know how many more are down there, but we are on alert! Hurrah!

As we were discussing the event, Jane says to me (regarding the new parents), "Well. I guess thems are married. Must've had a wedding in their tunnel."

I like that idea very much!


  1. sooooooo cute!!!
    a wedding in the tunnel, I love it!!!
    oh, I am so tempted by those baby bunnies...

  2. Oh, oh, oh! I do believe that congratulations, a wedding gift, and a baby gift are all in order! What a happy, exciting day.

  3. So much for trying to pick out all girls... or was it all boys? Babies are much more fun All of ours finally dug out of the coop all together and are living in the blackberry bushes.

  4. My girls are on a bunny kick lately, lusting after the idea of having this particular pet. I'd better not share your adorable pictures!

    Does it make you think of Watership Down? I vote to christen one of your babies Hazel ...

  5. Hannah-
    Yes, it has been making me think of Watership Down! And did you ever read "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh?" Another good one about underground animal life!

    (ps-I think Hazel is an adorable choice! I may suggest it ...)

  6. How wonderful that they have an enclosure where they can burrow and behave naturally! (I'm sure you have this covered, but you do have the fence extended well underground so they don't surrow out, right?)

    Anyway, feel free to send a couple of those bunnies my way. :)

  7. Erin-

    Yes, we sunk wire mesh down the requisite 2 feet. I'm still worried they'll burrow out, though! Such industrious critters!

  8. Wedding bells and baby bunnies! What a happy day, indeed! I'd say a celebratory supper is in order!

  9. Oh my, this is the sweetest.

  10. What a wonderful discovery!! Oh how I wish I could hold one of the little bunnies. Congratulations to the happy couple :)