22 October 2010

A Little Bit of Sparkle

Little Jane decided we needed to accessorize the newly arranged coffee table. By George, I think she's onto something!

I'm always a touch nervous to add to many bibelots for fear that the whole scene will just look junky. But as I was previously lamenting, the table didn't look quite right. As soon as we gave a quick polish to a couple of pieces from Grandma's silver set, Jane and I knew we were onto something. We're still tinkering, Jane and I, but we've definitely determined that we are fans of a little sparkle.

My favorite accessory of all? The little bit of sparkle you see smiling in the background.


  1. Oh yes, I agree, the silver is just the touch. The tray looks splendid under your succulents and the elegant sugar bowl... how could you not display that?!

  2. My paternal grandmother gave me several pieces of silver that I do not utilize. This has inspired me to give them a polish and use them! I adore Lucette's dress!