14 October 2010

Prudence Tries Again

I once heard someone say that they regularly try to do things with their kids that they are not good at. Or at the very least, may stand a reasonable chance to experience failure.

So often we find ourselves encouraging our children to push for success. "You can do it!" we applaud. This is a good thing. A parents' blind belief that their children are amazing and possess a wide berth of potential can be a great source of security and motivation for a child.

However. We don't always experience success, despite our best efforts and cheers from the sidelines. And that's okay, isn't it. Life is full of grand attempts ... and grand failures, too.

Oddly, what is prudent may not always be what feels natural.

Because sometimes it's good to try things that may result in peals of laughter ... rather than rounds of applause. I think it's good for my kids to see that in action.

Because even if we fail, we can always try again. And sometimes we even succeed.


  1. Bravo! Beautifully stated and energetically demonstrated. Reminds me of the time my children (and husband) watched and giggled when I got stuck on the roof -- brave to go up the ladder and petrified to come down. In the end it was ME needing their blind belief that I could do it.

  2. True words, great pictures, and satisfying conclusion to the zip-line saga. :)

  3. Such good advice! I realy love this post.

  4. I'm so proud of you! What an awesome role model you are for your sweet girls. I hope it was fun!

  5. Guess what? I tried to embrace this philosophy once and here's how it went down: My dd came to me with a ball. A kickball, I think. She asked me if I could stand on the ball "just like Curious George." Tired of feeling like the fuddy-duddy Mom who kept saying no to things like this, I wanted to be the cool, adventuresome Mom who would do and dare. So up I stepped on that ball, eager to earn my daughter's awe.
    Girlfriend, I was on that ball for two nanoseconds before I crashed to the ground, broke my wrist, and had to send my kids to call someone to take me to the Emergency Room.
    "And how did you break it?" Everyone asked.
    Try explaining that one -- "I tried to be Curious George!"

    (But seriously, I do agree with the thought here. Just, you know, seasoned with a little common sense. ;-))

  6. Hannah, you have me laughing! In sympathy, of course. :)

    Yes, wisdom and forethought is still a valued virtue!

    (ps-Is your wrist all better now?)

  7. That fence looks so high! ...and your laugh comes right though my screen. I love it and I love your thoughts. I hadn't thought about taking risks in front of the kids.