20 October 2010

Potted Succulents for the Coffee Table

I'm horrible at keeping houseplants alive. I really don't know what my problem is. But they make a room look so much more home-y, don't they. So when I ran across a display full of succulents at the nursery today, I nearly kicked myself for not having thought of them before. Such a nice change from the expected, plus they tend to be rather forgiving.

I've had a bit of a soft-spot for succulents ever since my young entrepreneurship days. When I wanted a bunny for my very own, I dug up "hens" and "chicks" from the backyard, stashed them in my red wagon, and tromped around the neighborhood selling them for a quarter a piece. Cha-ching!

Succulents + red wagon + little girl = Enough money to buy a little rabbit and name her Charlotte.

But I digress.

Anyhow ... I'm rather pleased with my little pot-full resting on the coffee table. I tried to stack up a bunch of books like I see the fancy magazine people do, but I'm not sure if it works on a table without corners. Hmmm. Nevertheless, I do always like a mini-redo.

Do you have any mini-redo tricks?


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  2. Brilliant! I'm no good at houseplants either. And, I have hen and chicks in my front border. Now, you've got me thinking I should bring some inside.

  3. I'm a fan of the stacked books, personally. We have several little stacks littered around our house, and I just love the little bit of color they bring to a room. And if you're ever looking for bookends, think about using old bricks. As an old building nut, I like to collect bricks from old buildings that have burned or met the wrecking ball. It preserves a memory while fulfilling a need!

  4. Not only are succulents easy-going, they have such a polished, simple look which I find lovely. I think your tablescape looks very nice, and I still love that mod'ish table.

  5. Anna, you make me smile! Please let us know how they hold up inside. I'm awful at keeping house plants alive, as well. My peace lily has hung in there the longest. She is VERY forgiving! (and has never, not once, ever, bloomed!)

  6. I'm a big succulent fan because the cat will not eat them. Every houseplant woe I've had can be traced directly to my cat, who, despite ALWAYS throwing them up afterward, eats just about anything green that sets root in my house.

  7. I love your potted succulents! They look tres chic. And stacked books, I've always swooned for the Martha Stewart table with stacks and stacks. That would ultimately be a comical set0up at our house.