30 October 2010

Treasures at the Thrift Shop

After our Wednesday morning bible study, Jane and I often make a quick stop into the tiny thrift store over by our house. It's run entirely by volunteer grannies and I just adore it there. Jane heads straight for the scarf section of the store, for they are all priced at a dollar. Just in her budget. She'll then twirl for all the ladies and we'll all confess to being charmed completely.

This past week we found not only a scarf, but a glorious amber colored velvet alpine hat. It is in pristine condition and I fell head over heels in love as soon as I spotted it. The grannies told me it had just come in that very morning. For our annual family harvest party, I'm thinking of dressing up as Maria Von Trapp. You know the scene at the end of The Sound of Music where they are climbing the Alps and the hills are all alive? Yep. That's gonna be me.

We also found another treasure. A sweet little woman named Peg that we met while standing at the checkout. Peg had also found some treasures that day and was contemplating taking several trips to get all the items home. Several trips on foot. I figure Peg to be well into her eighties!

When we asked if we could take her home, she beamed and announced: "I thank the Lord, Darling. That would be wonderful."

On our ride home we learned that Peg dearly loves the Lord. She grew up in New York and can't help up giggle at her own accent. She taught English to foreigners which she thought was most ironic given her own dialect. Peg is a riot.

We exchanged phone numbers and she is contemplating coming to church with us. She claims we were her blessing that day, but I think she was ours. I love the treasures God brings to us when we least expect it.


  1. Precious story! And I do love the hat. Can't wait to see you in all your finery!

  2. That is a GREAT hat and a GREAT story. So nice when God leads us into new friendships!

  3. I LOVE that story! Good for you for slowing down and taking the time to notice a little old lady who needed help!

  4. Great story and great hat! I love the Maria costume idea...very original!

  5. Treasures indeed! The fingerprint of the Father is beautiful.

  6. Everything is fantastic about this pose, except for the mention of the SOUND OF MUSIC!!! Uhg! What a delight to meet Peg!