25 October 2010

Yet Another Use for Beloved Pumpkin

 To continue my seasonal obsession with all things pumpkin, I recently tried making ... Pumpkin Chili! It was actually really good. The pumpkin flavor was very subtle and seemed to make the chili very rich and moist.

There seem to be several recipes floating out there in recipe-land, but I basically took my chili stand-by and just altered it a smidge. Omit the corn and tomato paste, toss in a can of pumpkin. Only black beans, add yellow peppers. Swap ground beef for ground turkey.

Kind of a fun change. Especially when you pair the chili with buttermilk biscuits. Ahh, buttermilk. Another recent obsession ...


  1. This sounds delish! I made homemade - from scratch pumpkin cupcakes...I thought the engineer would be thrilled! Alas, in almost nine years of marriage, somehow it has escaped me, that he does NOT LIKE pumpkin!!!

  2. ok, I MUST try this!! Thank you :).

  3. Pumpkin is so often associated with sweet; sometimes a cozy, but savory concoction is quite nice. My sister made pumpkin alfredo sauce and reported that its flavor was delicate and delish.

  4. Oh, pumpkin alfredo?? Sounds de-lish!

  5. Can you post your buttermilk biscuit recipe, too? I love biscuits and don't have a fav. recipe.

    Yum to the chili!