19 October 2010

A Little Ingenuity

Lucette hasn't gotten the memo that it isn't summer anymore. She's still tromping around in sundresses and bare legs. Brrrr ...

But, apparently she keeps warm by constructing her own plant-watering-syphon-system. Seems you only need two portions of old garden hose, large bucket, a section of two by four, and one of Pops' rubber gardening clogs.

Create some suction ...

... and there you go! You've now watered the lavender and the geraniums as well as a forgotten screw driver.

And of course, Jane can always make some flower stew for the fairies if you have any leftover ...


  1. Flower stew! There should be a children's picture book about that starring Lucette. She could be a fairy.

  2. Oh swoon! I love the flower stew. :)

    xoxo Caorline

  3. Lucette the engineer and Jane the fairy chef... you have two very talented daughters!

  4. Flower stew...I so remember being a little girl writing recipes using dirt, flowers, pebbles. Wish I could find that "cook book" now.