19 June 2009

"The Blue Book of Social Usage"

Etiquette, by Emily Post. Revised edition, 1945. Inherited from my Grandmother, and by the looks of it, a fairly well-used copy. Since I'm hosting a Sunday engagement lunch/barbeque for my brother, I dove into the hospitality portion.

Apparently, there are different types of hostesses. One must make great pains to avoid becoming "The Anxious Hostess" or the "The Energetic Hostess." Instead, it is suggested, let us all strive for "The Perfect Hostess." Naturally, there are rules to abide by to achieve this hostessing nirvana. Thank goodness for Mrs. Post. And, in case match-making is on the horizon, here are a few words of wisdom:

"Never try to make any two people like each other. If they do, they do; if they don't, they don't, and that is all there is to it. But it is of vital importance to your own success as hostess to find out which is the case and collect or separate them accordingly."

Well, then. That's that, I suppose. At the moment, I'm feeling quite thankful my brother took care of his own match-making. I think I'll just shoot for "The Generally Competent Hostess."


  1. How wonderful it is to have such a wonderful gift. I have a 1963 ed of hers. "Meal Time Etiquette", I am using it with Audrey for home economics. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Beautiful book, I just love the older editions of pretty near anything.

  3. What a treasure. I am sure you make the perfect hostess :)

  4. ahahaha! I'm laughing! SO funny and cute and almost unbelievable, that book!

    But you ARE a very good hostess. Definitely not the "anxious" hostess. What on earth?!

  5. Don't you love it when people save you some trouble?!