04 June 2009

Jane Isn't Worried

Jane, please don't stand on the toilet and jump off. You almost hit your face on the bathtub!
I'm fine. I didn't get hurt.
I'm glad you are okay this time, but you can really hurt yourself. No more standing on or jumping off of the toilet.
But Mom, I not get hurt!
Jane. No more. You could smack your teeth and they could all fall out (a little scare-tactic here).
Well, Greaty Papa's teeth fell out and he just puts new ones in. I want those grown-up teeth.


  1. HA!!! She's progressive... she doesn't need to brush, just soak them over night, no worries!! That's great! Jane has spunk, I love it!

  2. well, at least she's thinking ahead!

  3. OH, OH, OH! JANE. i just want to squeeze you that is so darn precious!

  4. Hilarious! I love the way she thinks- that's a sharp one you have there.