21 June 2009

A Day Together

The construction continues in our home. It's messy, true, but rather exciting. The staircase is the current task and we found ourselves still needing a little more direction. Thus, the pleading phone call to my in-laws. Thank goodness they love us so much and always seem pleased for an excuse to see the children!

Once they arrived today, it was right down to business. When Pops' dad breaks out the red suspenders, some serious work is about to be accomplished. If anyone is a jack-of-all-trades, it's Grandpa. And a mighty skilled one, at that. Grandpa hungers for a challenge like I hunger for pie. Always ready and eager.

A story has been told of the time Grandma wanted a treadmill. Grandpa (and an enlisted young Pops) decided, "Why buy one when you surely have the needed parts in the garage?" And oddly, he did. While wholly impressive, the most aerobic exercise the beast elicited was in hysterical laughter. But I digress.

The staircase is coming along splendidly and will surely hold future memories of this very day together. Time to go help clean up some sawdust and admire all that the day produced.


  1. The red suspenders make him Super Grandpa!!! It's always fun working as a family, I am looking forward to seeing your staircase!!

  2. A splendid way to spend Father's Day weekend... I think everyone benefited. Now, please pass the pie.

  3. that's my daddy too... gotta love a do-it-yourselfer!

  4. neat pictures! gotta love the suspenders. Can't wait to see the finished results!!