04 June 2009

Making Sense

Thanks for being so patient at the dermatologist's office today, Peter.
Sure, Mom.
I had to get two more moles removed today.
Oh. Did it hurt?
Yeah, a little. But not too bad.
So ... do moles cause cancer.
Well, they can.
Is that how you got skin cancer? From a mole?
I'm surprised. I didn't think you were around them that much.
The moles. You're not around them a lot, are you?
Side Note: We have been battling rouge moles in our backyard. They drive me crazy tunneling under my plants, and I'm often muttering about them.
Ohhhhhh! Did you think I got skin cancer from a mole ... the animal? The brown dots on your skin are also called moles. The animal doesn't have anything to do with it.
Hmmm. Well, that makes much more sense.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! I love it!! Anna, stop playing with moles and you'll be fine!! Give your kids a hug from me and tell them they all delight my heart!!!

  2. Chuckling.

    You poor dear having to be sliced and diced... dermatologists are good at that. Eeek!