25 June 2009

Packaged Glamour

I've been on a bit of a quest for some modern-day glamour. With a little bit of thought, I decided I needed some vibrant red lip-gloss.

Typically, I'm a drug-store kind of gal when it comes to cosmetics, but lip products always seem worth the splurge. Wonderful texture, no odd fragrances, long-lasting color. Plus, the sleek tubes always feel like a little bit of artwork in my hand.

Last evening, I set out to run some errands on my own and stopped in at the swanky cosmetic shop. A very chic and eclectic young woman quickly discerned just what I was after when I described my vision. She led me right to this little tube of "Venetian." Not quite as cherry-red as I was initially searching for, but a lovely shade of electric watermelon.

Hmm. I'm thinking Pops will be quite pleased to see me tonight.


  1. Great color!
    I love MAC products!

  2. I love a good red gloss and that stuff looks fancy! I too have a hard time trying to find the right color and I often end up with what I would call "Maraschino" with a slight pink tinge as opposed to a good standard red.