03 June 2009

A Fake Recipe

We all like carrot salad. It's a fun change from the standard veggie side and laughably easy to toss together. The worst part is all the grating, but if you're blessed with a food processor and grater attachment, you'll be running shredded carrot circles around me. I'm not sure if this counts as a real recipe but ... I'll just tell myself that it is.

Carrot Salad
- Shred a whole bunch of carrots (Look at these 'rainbow' carrots I found!)
- Generously douse with favorite Italian dressing*
- Toss in some sunflower seeds

*Our favorite Italian dressing? Those funny little packets of dry mix from the grocery store. It's true! Toss in cruet with red wine vinegar, a splash of water, and olive or canola oil.


  1. those are some cute carrots! where did you find those, TJ's?

  2. my husband loves carrot salad, but the one with raisins in it. This sounds like the perfect easy summer side dish...will try it soon!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love to see who is leaving comments. Your photos are beautiful, and the subjects are too! I will check back often...

  3. Sounds good to me - and oh so easy!

  4. i cannot imagine getting my brood to eat this. but i like the sound of it, especially with the sunflower seeds. hmmmm.....

  5. Carrot salad is actually a "recognized" salad here in the Czech Republic! - although it's different and rather sweet than salty: grated carrots, grated apples (optional), lemon + orange juice, a bit sugar. Children love it. Well, at least I did, and still do.