13 June 2009

Getting Closer

We have accomplished so much. To date, we have now completed all vaccinations, finalized arrangements for the girls, ordered and borrowed backpacking gear so we can travel light and avoid suitcases, found necessary clothing/shoes, and secured all flights, accomodations, and bus travel. And let me tell you, deciphering Honduran bus schedules and figuring out connections was like a Sudoku challenge. Whew!

"The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."
(Deuteronomy 31:8)
Still on the list:
• Pick up Malaria Rx
• Order FloraStor supplements and anti-nausea pills
• Work gloves

• 1st Aid Kit/Deet

• Written personal testimonies

• Travel document/$ belts
Final funding
• Finish collecting dental supplies
• Easy-pack travel entertainment for Peter
• Sp/Eng travel dictionary

• Daily letters/package for the girls to open while we're gone
• Find teenager-for-hire to water the yard and garden

Here's how you can pray for us:
• Health for all of us in these weeks up to the trip. We want to travel healthy!
• Pre-travel anxiety. I feel so confident in His plans for us and this trip, but I have mama-worries every now and then. Particularly in leaving the girls for so long.
• Health and safety for Pops', Peter, and me while in Honduras and the girls while staying with grandparents.

• A joyful and not-too-exhausting experience for care-giving grandparents.
• Family unity. Traveling can be stressful. We want to work together and share this experience in a positive manner.
• Team unity and relationship building opportunities with the locals.
• For God to be glorified and His kingdom advanced by this whole trip.

Only a month to go ...


  1. I will pray. Thanks for sharing specific requests. We hope to do a similar trip to Honduras in a few years, when the boys are older. It's so fun to watch you prepare and go.

    Try eating yogurt everyday for a couple of weeks before departing... you know to build up all of those good gastro-intestinal bacteria. You'll be wanting a gut of steel!

  2. so exiting, will be praying! It still seems like a dream almost. I am really looking forward to seeing all the pics after!

    will check Gram's travel packs, too, and see if she has one of those nifty flat ones. I'm going there on Wed. ;)