23 June 2009

Father's Day

This is not that great of a photo. Except that it is. The composition is off, but what it's composed of is exquisite. The lighting is wrong, but it is lit from within. The angle could be better, but the vantage point is perfection. The focus is hazy, yet somehow precise.

The expression of this father's face as he looks upon images of his children takes my breath away. The adoration I see makes me want to fall to my knees thanking God for this wonder called family. My family.

They gather around him, breathing in his presence, and he theirs. This is the father of my children. This is the man that I love.


  1. Anna!! You are such an eloquent writer and the photo is perfect. I am so thankful you are so blessed with such an incredible family... your family is beyond blessed by you, as well!

  2. A beautifully written tribute and a beautiful photo... I love it just the way it is!

  3. Ok, this is SO strange, but I posted on my blog just a little earlier tonight, then was working on some stuff for the Diligence blog and this lady I met tonight. And then finally I get over here to check your blog before signing off for the night, and helloooo- we have matching photos from Father's day!! Well, yours is better, but you know what I mean. And we both posted them today!!! You have to come over here!