16 June 2009

Road Trip

Lucette and I took a road trip. I wanted to head north a few hours to see some family friends and a scrumptious little 2 month old baby. But first, we stopped off at my ol' college pal, Lissa's. We were treated to mini pb&j sandwiches, cheese slices shaped like hearts, and even ... candy. Very fun.

But perhaps the most fun of all was had with Mr. Tom, Lissa's husband. He and Lucette buddied up for a couple hours and seemed quite content in each other's company. Nevermind the almost 40 year difference. They hunted for frogs (no luck), for snakes (1 dead, 1 live), and shot up a bunch of rusty ol' trucks with a paintball gun.

About 3 seconds after we bid farewell and drove off, Lucette sighed and said: "When are we going back there? I just loved it." It's easy to see why.
(Photos by Miss Lissa)


  1. I loved our time together, your little Lucette is so precious... Mr. Tom had a great time and went to work today relishing in the fact that he hunted for snakes with a new friend and equal! Thank you for stopping and spending your afternoon with us!! Give Lucette a squeeze from me!!!

  2. oh, how fun- what a special time and great pictures! I particularly like the one of L grinning w/ her arm curled in triumph- that is awesome! How cute that they had so much fun together. :)

  3. Adorable! I *love* the precious photos. Lucette looks great in light blue.

    Road trips are fun. I'm sure you enjoyed getting away and some one-on-one time with a certain little girl.