06 May 2009

Preparations Aplenty

What savvy parents they are! Al and Florence (it seemed appropriate to name them after my grandparents) have been more industrious than I first realized. My first observations of them had been over at the bird hotel and was most delighted to find they had committed to a lease and were making the space their own.

But all this while, in the back of my mind, I had also noticed Al and Florence busy in the eaves of the house, right outside the kitchen window. I'm not sure why, but I hadn't paid much attention. After checking the hotel for signs of impending birth (and finding none), I decided to heft the ladder over to the eaves. And here is what I found!

Oh, joy! Five beautifully creamy colored eggs with caramel speckles. And what a fine, fine nursery they have! The architecture and detail is stunning.

The poor, dear, expectant parents were just about beside themselves while I was nosing about. I tried to assure them I meant no harm, but I'm sure their birdie hearts were much relieved once I finally backed away from their treasures. There is just no calming concerned parents. This I understand.

So, back to the bird hotel. While not currently occupied, their efforts there certainly suggest some form of intent. I think it is quite possible they have selected it as their summer home. Or maybe a place of convalescence for Florence? (There is certainly plenty of rooms for her family on the lower levels, while taking the penthouse suite for a little me-time.) I shall keep you informed.


  1. Oooh, I cannot wait until there are little chirpies on that nest!
    xoxo Caroline

  2. They probably moved because because they smelled you after you snooped around... I love the names, I grew up with birds names Harry and Mildred outside my window!

  3. This nest is so beautiful. Isn't it amazing what they can build?

  4. p.s. forgot to add that that is a beautiful picture!

  5. Aw, I've been wanting to find a nest around my house. Those eggs are beautiful.